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Sun, Mar. 27th, 2011, 05:37 am
Writer's Block: Around the world

If you won a trip to anywhere, where would you go, and why?

If I won a trip to go anywhere I'd go to... pffff! It's really hard to just choose one place to go to...But these are the places that I can think of right now..

1. I would go to South Korea because I'd like to try kimchi, black noodles and other Korean food.

2. USA because  I'd like to visit some of the cities with weird names (e.g Fart,Virginia;Hooker Point,Florida;etc.)

3. Peru because I have family here and the times I've been there I haven't gotten bored.

3. Greece: I want to see the landmarks.

4. United Kingdom love the english accent and I want to visit the landmarks.

5. Thailand I've always been interested in asian countries.

6. Japan I know people that live here and I want to go to Tokyo Disney.

7. Malta It's flag has one of my favorite colors (red) and from what I've seen online there are many things to see.

8. France want to go to the Louvre and visit more landmarks.

9. Australia I want to see kangaroos, Koalas, landmarks and hear the people talk.

10. Argentina because they eat a lot of meat and I looove their accents.

I know each country around the world have their own special things but these are the ones I have read/heard the most about ...for now...If I could I would go around the world.

Fri, Mar. 25th, 2011, 06:22 pm
Writer's Block: No reservations required

If you could go out to dinner with a character from a current TV show, who would you choose, and why?

I think I would be too nervous to eat with someone famous or my favorite character from a TV show...I guess I would go with Sweets (from BONES) and/or Sheldon. xD
Why? I dunno..They're the first ones that came up in my head...

Fri, Mar. 25th, 2011, 05:22 pm
Writer's Block: It must be love

Do you remember your first crush? Did you ever tell that person about your feelings?

BUA. My first crush was in the 7th grade. I didn't even know who he was....I just saw him in the hallway and zing! It continued throughout the rest of Middle School. I did find out his his name a little after I first saw him (beginning of the school year) because one of my friends had classes with him. Then in 8th grade when I forgot all about him during the summer... I had two classes with him and I had to sit next to him in both classes.... At first I was completely nervous around him but after a while it was like whatever. I never told him about my feelings...But I did send him a carnation on vday..anonymously...He probably doesn't know I used to like him.

Thu, Mar. 3rd, 2011, 01:01 am
Nosy Neighbors

I don´t know why I suddenly had an urge to write. The only problem is that I don´t know what to write about. I guess I could write about the things that surround me : a man picking up a box, classmates, computers, chairs, desks, coats...

 UGH! Have you ever sat next to somebody really annoying? Sure, you can change seats
(wish I had that option) but what if the class is full? The real crap is that I´ve had my share of sitting next to weird annoying people. And I´m tired of it.

 Since we´re all on computers and I´m sitting on the back I can see the websites other people go on. But I don´t stare at their computer screens like a weirdo not because I have better things to do
(who am I kidding?) but because I could simply care less.
The only reason I realized that I could see everyone elses computer from back here is because one of the girls sitting in front of me turned around and gave me a look after she typed something on her computer.
 Anyway my annoying neighbor can also see everyone elses computer screen, but the row in front of me don´t seem to realize that it´s not me they have to worry about but that really weird dude sitting next to me. This person spends most of the class looking at everybody else´s stuff.
For Example: I´m typing away here and he
(very obviously) tries to looks at my computer screen. I know that doesn´t seem very annoying but he does this every time he doesn´t think I notice. I only have to put up with this crap until the 10th. It´s a good thing that he doesn´t understand ENGLISH. or not a lot of it.
 Something that really grosses me out about this person is that they bite their nails and then they start spitting it towards the computer screen. That didn´t really bother much except for the sound he makes ppfff pffff pfff pff pff pff pff. Then he stopped spitting his nails toward his computer screen and started going pff pff pff towards me. EWWW! Disgusting!! %&$#!!
This is how we´re seated:

We´re in the last row. Three big desks are together.
I don´t know how to deal with this grossness. Supposedly people that are older shouldn´t be this way right? It´s not like he´s half a century old. This person is in his mid-twenties. When I was in school I would handle the situation differently. By now this person would´ve hated me! 
These are some ways I would´ve handled the situation:
1. If the weirdo is doing something really gross (e.g picking his nose and playing with "it") I would´ve gotten someone elses attention (i.e the person sitting in front of me or my other side) and very discreteley point at the weirdness/grossness. 
Usually the other person would laugh at them and get other classmates attention. Eventually the whole class would turn to them and start making fun and laughing. I know this sounds mean. But usually the ones being gross/weird are usually those that think they´re perfect and make fun of everyone else.
2. If the weirdo is someone that has not bothered me or anybody close to me and they´re doing something annoying or weird. I would write them a note looking something like this
Usually I would get dirty looks after they received the note. Thank god that nobody flicked me anything (e.g the goeey stuff they were playing with). Probably because deep inside they knew that I was right.
3. If its two people sitting next to me I would just tell them to *QUIT IT* *STOP IT* or just look at them and give them a look as if saying *WEIRDOS*.
Mostly when I do this they look at me and then they give me a "NONYA" look.
 I know you might think I´m mean for doing some of these things. But how else would you handle these situations?
seriously. I want to know.
Anyways... I´m just going to talk about what happened during "lunch". Geez! I feel like a weirdo turning every few minutes because I  think a certain someone is looking. The sad thing is most of the time they are. ¬¬
During lunch..

 I usually hang out with a small group of girls that are not only knda nice but they also talk about interesting things
(e.g. their lives). I don´t know if my classmates have noticed but our class seperates into 4 small groups. It used to be only one big ass group but as time passed by they started splitting up until it was 4. The smallest group consists of only 3 people. Well..sometimes the whole class sits together uniting 3 tables. When they do this I sit next to one of the girls I usually "hang" with. When we´re all sitting together most of the time I notice the weirdo looking at me. That´s why I usually sit where the weirdo wont be able to see me.

What do you do if someone you know
(but don't like...at ALL) is staring at you?

Thu, Mar. 3rd, 2011, 12:49 am
Writer's Block: Into the night

How would you describe your perfect evening in six words (e.g., I stayed home and ate pasta)?

Stay and read book or internet.